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Michael Surtees is a product design director and practitioner of user experience design (UXD) based in NYC. He has been at the forefront of user experience design and technology for over 14 years.
About Michael

Michael is currently the Head of Design at Dataminr, a company that is a certified Twitter partner using their public data for clients in the areas of News, Finance and the Public Sector. He leads the UXD team and is responsible for the overall design and experience of the desktop app, mobile products (iPhone & iPad), email systems, internal products and external communications.

Since 2005 Michael has published his thoughts on design at Design Notes. Topics of interest range from people's daily experiences with technology to typography to photography among many others.

The 140 character version of what he's finding interesting can be found on Twitter at @MichaelSurtees. Photos are shared on VSCO, Flickr and Instagram.

When not designing, writing, or shooting photos, he loves cycling in and around the city. He can be reached at michael at michaelsurtees dot com.

Hybrid of Sorts

There are many elements to the process of product, app and web design. Michael has experience in user research and strategy, usability testing, information architecture, wireframing, prototyping, visual design and product management. While he is not a developer he can code in HTML, CSS and Javascript when needed.


Michael has been fortunate to work with many great companies such as Forbes, Thomson Reuters, Panasonic, AIGA National, Optimum Cable, Nooka, Daylife, Etsy and Undercurrent among many others.

You can view his portfolio HERE.

Selected Press

Mashable: RSS Can't Fill Google Reader Void by Michael Surtees

Now that Google Reader is dead, many people will just move to another RSS reader. But is that the only way to find the latest content out there? Link:

The Big Web Show: Michael Surtees

Jeffrey Zeldman interviews Michael Surtees.The two designers discuss managing a small, nimble design practice; getting clients; balancing client services work with product development and blogging; Michael’s journey from employee to entrepreneur; avoiding static comps and wireframes; and much more. Link:

AOL: The Process: Michael Surtees Reconsiders the Weather (App)

We challenged Surtees to create a weather app that works on multiple devices (Web, iPhone, BlackBerry and iPad) in just three hours. Surtees brainstormed with the help of Twitter, reconsidered what people want in a weather app, and tested early wireframes on multiple devices. Link:

New York Magazine: Street Walker, A design expert discerns the good, the bad, and the odd in curbside culture.

What is happening out there on the streets? Or, rather, on the walls and subways and sidewalks where street artists and advertisers show off their new ideas. In this new, occasional department, we ask design professionals to tell us what they see when they traverse the city. Link: